Top 15 Most Addictive Flash Games

Posted on May 4, 2007. Filed under: Fun n Games | Tags: |

If you wish to submit a Flash game suggestion for the next list, please email me directly here. The next list will be updated in June of 2007.

The 15 Most Addictive Flash Games

  1. Stackopolis
    Considered more addictive than Tetris, this block game requires you to stack blocks according to a blueprint. Very very cool.
  2. Wagenschenke “Home Run”
    Famous worldwide for its “drunk man” antics, you take the wobbly man as far as he can go on his feet.zSB(3,3)Make sure you launch it from the “Home Run” link on the main page.
  3. Draw Play
    Create a path for the mummy to travel. This quickly gets quite challenging.
  4. Binball
    Wonderful physics keeps this ball game fresh!
  5. Line Rider
    Hahahaha! This creative game brings out the twisted side in its players.
  6. Gravity
    Once you learn to use the “slingshot-like” mouse command, this game is really mesmerizing.
  7. Beat Darth Vader
    An amazing program with a simple premise: see if you can fool Darth Vader with what you’re thinking.
  8. Double Wires
    This game is quite challenging, actually…use your mouse to swing like Spiderman.
  9. Penguin Dive Game
    Great mindless fun with cute penguins.
  10. Throw Paper in the Trash
    So simple, yet so enfuriating to not hit the trash can!
  11. Mouse Maze
    Hip music provide a catchy backdrop to this maze challenge.
  12. The Orisinal Collection
    A beautiful-looking set of Flash games. Appreciate it for the artwork, if anything.
  13. Nudist Trampoline
    Actually safe for family use, this game is good for a few minutes of bellylaughing.
  14. The Famous Idiot Test
    (Let’s see how far you can get with this challenge)
  15. Blueprint
    This is quite the little IQ test…arrange blocks so the ball hits the target.

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