Top 15 Sexiest Anime Babes!

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Oooh lala.. I would say all VIP female anime characters has it all. From the tip of her hair to the tip of her nail, everything is a major turn on to men. Though most anime artist put extra emphasis usually on the curves, but I guess they did it on purpose. I’m not saying that all anime artist are horny and some of their masterpieces are based on their desire when it comes to female anatomy, it just a man’s nature to satisfy his, you know hehe! 😀 So, here’s my list of the 15 most exceptional female anime beauty ever created..

Rank 15 – Bell Dandy


Belldandy is exceptionally kind-hearted, even for a goddess. She can easily sense other people’s emotions, and tries her best to be empathetic to all those around her. She rarely holds a grudge, and is always willing to forgive anyone who does injury to her. Her good will is so complete that she is willing to trust everyone completely, save her sister Urd, whom she realizes can often be distrustful.

Rank 14 – Rei Ayanami


Throughout the series, Rei’s stoic personality and apparent utter lack of emotion compound intrigue about her, later arousing the scorn of Asuka Langley Soryu, who at one point refers to her as a “doll” or “puppet.” Rei is, in many ways, the exact opposite of Asuka. While Asuka is extroverted, Rei is introverted. Also, Asuka is extremely boastful and overly proud of her accomplishments, while Rei constantly states her life has little value. Their appearances are also, in ways, inverses of each other (Rei has short, blue hair and red eyes, while Asuka has long, reddish-blond hair and blue eyes).

Rank 13 – Mizuho Kazami


A 23 year old half alien, half human, Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation, sent to Earth to observe and study humans. Mizuho came to Earth to monitor the planet though inadvertently was seen by Kei as she was just landing on Earth. Although she did not trust him at first, she started to become attracted to Kei after they exchanged secrets about their past.

Rank 12 – Kuriko Kazetsubaki


At the beginning of the story, Kuriko’s only interest in Kazuki is to obtain his genes for the wealthy and influential Kazesubaki family and the stature that goes with being the mother of a powerful sorcerer. A third year student and a member of the student government, Kuriko takes great pleasure in flirting with Kazuki and teasing Yuna. Often she will appear out of nowhere into Kazuki’s arms or lap right in front of Yuna or use her body, charm, or her family’s resources to seduce Kazuki.

Rank 11 – Narusegawa Naru


Narusegawa Naru is a senior in high school and is a great student. On the Toudai Mock Exam she scored the highest in Japan. It’s obvious that she is trying to get into Toudai. However, she meets Keitaro, in the hot springs. After the smoke clears, she is the first to stand against Keitaro being the Kanrinin of the Hinatasou. She realizes that the Hinatasou needs a Kanrinin and decides to let him stay, because she doesn’t want to leave the Hinatasou.

Rank 10 – Fuuko Kirisawa

Fuko is an old friend of Recca’s since childhood. They have been fighting since forever because she has always wanted the title of Princess so Recca could be her ninja. Of course, she was really really pissed to find out Yanagi had gotten the title first and was even more dismayed to discover that Recca hadn’t become Yanagi’s ninja because she defeated him. Instead, he had become her ninja b/c he WANTED to.

Rank 9 – Misato Katsuragi

Misato comes off as a very sensual woman, with a carefree attitude about her femininity. In both the first episode of the series and volume 1 of the manga, included in the NERV materials Shinji is carrying is a picture of herself so he would recognize her when she came to pick him up. In the picture, she is wearing a skimpy outfit with an arrow pointing to her breasts and a caption which is translated as “Pay attention” in the Platinum Edition English subtitle and “note the cleavage” in the English translation of the manga.

Rank 8 – Morrigan Aensland


Morrigan is a succubus and the adopted daughter of Belial Aensland. When she was born, Morrigan was extremely powerful (an “S Class” according to some Japanese source books), so much so that Belial sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself to be returned upon his death, and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith.

Rank 7 – Makimachi Misao

Misao is a fairly skilled ninja from the Oniwabanshu clan of ninja clan previously based in Edo. Her weapons of choice are the kunai. Misao is about sixteen years old when she is first introduced, though she appears younger. According to Nobuhiro Watsuki, Misao’s character was initially a combination of Kamiya Kaoru and Myojin Yahiko: upon her introduction into the story, she acts somewhat childish and innocent. However, as the story progresses, she becomes more mature and empathetic without losing her cheerful attitude.

Rank 6 – Yukishiro Tomoe

Yukishiro Tomoe was the eldest daughter of a samurai, a low-level bureaucrat who served the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo. Her only sibling was her younger brother Enishi, who viewed her as a surrogate parent because of their mother’s death shortly after his birth; he threw a tantrum on hearing of her engagement to Kiyosato Akira, the second son of another similarly-ranked family.

Rank 5 – Kaname Chidori

Kaname really isn’t a very traditional japanese girl. Her personality appears to be aggressive, outspoken, and demanding, and it really stands out in a society that cultivates quiet and permissive people. Perhaps the few childhood years she lived in the USA brought out those qualities, and maybe she behaves this way as a defensive mechanism.

Rank 4 – Nami

Nami is an orphan found by Belle-Mère, a female Marine, on a battlefield as an infant. The marine adopted her along with Nojiko, another child, and the three became as close as a real family. However, this ended when the infamous Fish-Man pirate Arlong took over Cocoyashi Village (or Coco Village in the English language manga and dub), their adopted hometown, and imposed a fee on every single adult and child in the village in order to ‘live’.

Rank 3 – Faye Valentine


By all appearances, Faye is a 23 year old young woman in 2071. However, she was actually born in 1994 and was cryogenically frozen sometime before the gate incident. Faye is confident, audacious, independent, and somewhat self-centered. She is attractive, with medium-length, dark purplish hair and a voluptuous body. She normally wears a revealing yellow outfit complete with suspenders and a red long-sleeve shirt worn only through the sleeves. She is also quite lazy, but takes time to care for her appearance. She enjoys gambling, and often loses a great deal of money doing so. Faye is a very competent bounty hunter, being skilled in flying and both hand-to-hand and firearm combat.

Rank 2 – Aya Natsume

Aya is the younger sister of Shin Natsume, and Maya Natsume. She is a freshman at Toudou Academy. She has a similar build to her sister and is close to equaling her in bust size. Since the first time they met, she has decided to become Souichiro Nagi’s wife because she believes it’s fate; and it follows the tradition of the Natsume women.

RANK 1 – Maya Natsume (Ultimate Bombshell)


Maya Natsume is a beautiful, almost gratuitously well-endowed woman who has long silver hair (purple in the anime). She is the older sister of Aya Natsume, and the younger sister of Shin Natsume. She is the captain of the Juuken Club, and an upper level martial artist. Maya is not shy about her body, she usually wears revealing clothing and has no problem with her underwear showing.

There you go guys.. hope you like my list 😀


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No wAY!
That girl with the pink curly hair is much sexier than Maya (when she transforms on her another form)…. 😛

which one? Maya Natsume?

nami is by far hotter than the top three you said.

Oh my God!!

fuuko is sooo hot!!!

I would give the TOP 3 to… Vivi, Nico Robin and NAMI!!! XD ONE PIECE! …not to tell that Califa from Cipher Pol No9 (CP9) is the hottest anime girl I’ve ever seen. ^^ But to be honest… I would give the 1st place to Moka Akashiya from “Rosario + Vampire”

aya natsume is so sexy…..

wow maya seeeexxxyyyyy!

They are cinda sexy all of them but WTF?!?!?!
Sakura is fare more sexy then all!
Havent you seen Naruto?
Or Shippuden?
You shoud put Sakura Chan on the list or else it’s not compleate.

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