GE Stance Guide

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Listed here are the complete set of character stances of Granado Espada. Hope this will help you guys on building your characters and choosing the right stance as well..

Mellee Stances

Flame Guard

Penetrar Cruz

Defending Guard

Tail Guard

Twin Blades

Main-Gauche Garde

The Defender

Stab Guard


Sabre Garde

Roof Guard

Plow Guard

Middle Guard

High Guard

Heaven or Hell

Hack and Slash


Epee Garde

Dobala Corte

Blandir Cruz

Back Guard

Avance Garde

Firearms Stances

Defending Shot

Gigantic Marksmanship

Siege Burst

Inroad Shot

Aggressive Shot

Hunting Blaster

Shotgun Blaster

Standing Shot

Kneeling Shot

Freestyle Shot

Encounter Shot

Double-Guns Shot

Aiming Shot

Magical Stances


Possession Lightning

Possession Ice

Possession Fire

Lord of Elemental




Evocation Lightning

Evocation Ice

Evocation Fire


Domination Lightning

Domination Ice

Domination Fire


Support Stances

Install Trap



Construction Stance

Marionette Control

Source: Granado Cafe


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