For a Girl Who Loves Her Guy

Posted on August 14, 2007. Filed under: Letters|Words|Thoughts |


Hey, don’t judge as like the image you see above. Not all but almost all women look at men as though we see them naked. Stereotype thinking, a girl’s lamest weapon when dealing within a man’s world, I know most of us has the tendency not to be outspoken.. I know and yes, I’ve been there naks! 😀 But don’t get us wrong a man’s mind is far less complicated than what he actually seems. Like women, we need that sense of security and the feeling that we can totally trust someone.

A man can deny his manliness when his in love.. Other guys see it gay but that’s reality, you’re stupid if you don’t accept that. Most men drop cold when hanging around with his girl’s company. Men always need their space. Respect that. Give him enough room to breathe and do the ‘guy things.’ They love their boys’ night outs. Let him indulge. When in a secure relationship, at the end of the day he will always long for your snuggle and comfort and will want to return home to you.

Intuition levels in a man is not as high as in a woman, so he can never guess what a woman wants. It would help if you tell him what’s going on in your mind, rather than, “let him figure it out himself.” That day might never dawn and you might end up feeling miserable. However poor his intuition might be, he definitely knows when he is being controlled or manipulated. When women resort to controlling and manipulative games, men usually start blocking their feelings or hiding them. This very often leads to emotional breakdowns or violent explosions. The way to be happy and keep your man happy in a relationship is to be honest and considerate. Most men can be amazing individuals if treated with respect.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the argument still continues. This is perhaps the heart- beat of every relationship. Man and woman are like two straight lines, which intersect somewhere down the line. Can’t do with, can’t do without. Lovely piece of creation indeed.


“Love is the feeling you feel when you’re feeling a feeling you never felt before”


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2 Responses to “For a Girl Who Loves Her Guy”

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hmm. . can’t relate. .or could I? seek. . .
is this post somehow the hey-delilah effect?

if women would let you do the guy things, would you allow them do their thing also? I agree though, that you should be given space and do your so-called guy thing. But you should not just go beyond the limit. You may do your “guy thing” but not the same as when you were single.

waaaah! forget it. d ko gli ka relate. .hahahah

Its really hard to sort things out between us guys and you girls.. Right now I’m wandering why I wrote this 😀

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