Perfect World Crafting 101

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I have a level 38 Wu Xia character (Tiger Server) and for these past few days I had tried crafting several items which came out to be 3-stars items and they really helped me a lot in grinding.

Crafting Skills


I really can’t recall the name of the quest but at some point during level 15-20 I discovered that these three items are on my inventory. As soon as you can see these three, go to your city elder and click on “learn crafting skills”. By then, these three skills will be permanently fused in your character giving it skills to craft items. Every skills has a maximum of three levels respectively.

These window should appear after clicking on “learn crafting skills” on the city Elder:


How to gain level 2 and 3 crafting skills?

Just like leveling your character, you should acquire necessary experience on crafting to be able to level it up. Its up you to choose what skills you want to level up first but personally I recommend you guys to max out tailoring (body equipment) and forging (weapon) first, I forgot the name of the fourth crafting skill but I’m quite sure it has something to do with potions most probably you’ll do it on the pharmacist 😀

OK time to level up your crafting skills first stop is Forging. All the crafting skills has a base level of one. Go to the ironsmith on the city where you first came from and choose craft weapons. You should have the necessary crafting items needed for that specific weapon, you can buy some of the ingredients at the vendor npcs, the online item mall is your handiest friend in crafting but you have to top up first 😀 The level of the crafting skill must be the same or higher as that of the weapon or equipment to be crafted (Level 1 weapon requires level 1 or higher Forging). And one more thing, level 2 items have ingredients that are also needed to be crafted, they are the ingredients located on the last tab of the crafting window.

All you have to do is craft, craft and craft until the crafting exp bar reaches 100%.


*note: the higher the level of the crafting skill, the higher is the chance to craft better items*

After reaching 100% go back to the city Elder and buy the level 2 crafting skill. Do the same procedure when at level 2 until u reach level 3.

I hope this post helped.. Btw, Perfect World tribe war is coming this week. Be sure to be there and help out your clan.


Credits: Perfect World Forum




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8 Responses to “Perfect World Crafting 101”

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thanks, i only understand now how to craft, but i have a question, coz i tried to craft an arrow, but the craft button is still not activated.. do i need to craft weapons/armors?

Hi! I really haven’t tried crafting arrows because my character is a swordie but regarding your question, I think its not possible to craft arrows 😀

paano mag craft

thx for the information friends……..

thanks, i only understand now how to craft, but i have a question, coz i tried to craft an arrow, but the craft button is still not activated.. do i need to craft weapons/armors?

Rings, neclkaces, belts, and arrows etc are “craftsman” not “weaponsmith” made.

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