DOTA AllStars v6.47 – Download

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Download Link

Dota AllStars v6.47 is now up for download, get it first here!

Date Released: 24 August 2007

Size: 2.36 Mb


* Added a new hero from the Model-To-Hero contest (refer to getdota)

* Added a new ability for Animal Courier to change its model.

* Fixed Planeswalker’s Cloak and Hood of Defiance stacking issues on various heroes’ innate magic resistance abilities.

* Fixed an old rare bug with Leshrac (and recently Storm) that would cause them to constantly drain mana.

* Fixed a bug when killing heroes with Crow

* Fixed Flesh Heap to work properly with suicides

* Fixed a bug in -dm -nd that causes the hero after Bristleback to have Warpath if Bristleback dies with the buff on, and the player quickly picks a new hero.

* Fixed the game mode text to display in proper order

* Fixed Starfall doing extra damage on the second hit

* Restored Freeze Hero functionality

* Added a command -test to enable single player commands to be usable in multiplayer for easier extensive testing

* Added new command ‘-terrain snow’. This transforms the current terrain into a snow terrain. This is a very experimental mechanism and is still very much a WIP in the visuals department.

* Fixed Death Pulse to hit properly non-magic-immune Ancients

* Improved Alchemist’s movement speed a bit

* Increased ranged creep’s mana pool

* Rebalanced Sanity’s Eclipse (Less damage, better leveling)

* Improved Harbinger’s casting animation time

* Fixed a visual glitch with Dispersion that would make it look like it did more Dispersions than it actually did

* Fixed a bug with Unstable Concoction when used during the transformation of Chemical Rage

* Fixed a bug with Greaterbash

* Improved Lion’s movement speed a little

* Fixed Panda’s Storm Wind Walk stats

* Game now gives an error message when attacking Roshan from a disallowed area

* Added –nr (-norepick)

* Added -mute as a custom player command to disable kill sounds

* Fixed a bug with Weave and Reincarnation


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