Deaf, Almost Blind but Happy – A Dog’s Tale

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I found this article in K9 News and to start off it I’m not really a dog lover, to be honest. We have two dogs in our house and my affection to them fade off as they grew up. I don’t know exactly why but when my dogs are still young I tend them like most dog owners do. And it just so happened that I came across this article and I was really moved and captivated by the story of Bing and made me think that dogs also needs some one to be happy.

Bing was born white which simply designates inferiority to dogs. He was deaf and has a very poor vision and almost dying. A very unfortunate pup, he was separated from his family when his mother died.

“We saw Bing was looking for a home on a website (many tears rescue), so the first stage was for someone to come out and see if our house was suitable, they only wanted to re-home Bing with a family that had another dog.” Explained Clorissa Paul, Bing’s new owner.

Clorissa and her boyfriend have the kindest heart. They fell in love with Bing as soon as they saw the little Border Collie sleeping like he didn’t care at all. Clorissa has another dog, his name is Darry. Before things can flow smoothly, they have to get the approval of Darry first if he will allow Bing to join in his family. At first look, Darry seems to be agreeing and has this face saying like “this guy doesn’t look like a competition at all, I need someone to play along with anyways”.

So off they went and for Bing to get along with his new family to start a new life. The first few days started well for Bing and Darry, though Darry was very curious of his new mate they became attached and Darry has been guiding Bing in many ways. His inability to hear and see weren’t too hard for him now that Darry is teaching him how to live like a normal dog. Bing now learned to sit still and wait for pieces from Clorrisa in the kitchen during meal time, he knows where to pee and shake his body dry when he gets wet or after a bath, all thanks to good ol Darry. Bing’s family life is giving him hopes to live despite of his difference but the outside world is still cruel. Almost every dog that sniff on Bing wanted to hurt him or even kill him, everyone’s effort will be handy in order for him to be comfortable and secured. Clorissa didn’t lack any of these, she filled Bing with all the love he could grasp and Darry became the middle man. Bing can’t directly understand Clorissa so he needs Darry to translate or show him what Clorissa wants in dog language. Bing was an orphan and grew up without siblings so he has a lot of catching up to do and a lot of things to know to understand his carer.

Bing’s abnormal clotting make his eyes bleed when he feels stressed out, he became weak and sad. He usually stay quiet in the corner and just watch his family from there. Just imagine yourself to be living deaf and nearly blind, how would you possibly live your life? When in stress Bing’s eyes bleed from behind making him blind for days, Clorissa was scared that if this continues Bing’s 10% vision will be all taken away.

“I have been told by most vets that puppies that are not developed correctly usually don’t survive birth. But if they do the mother will not feed them and they will die. Or the breeders will take the sick puppy to the vets to be euthanized. Bing is a miracle and is lucky to be alive. Some might say ‘is it fair?’ but Bing has a life, a very happy life. He is not suffering and is not in any pain. He doesn’t know that he can’t hear or can’t se, it is all he has ever known. ‘Should Bing have been put down?’ If you know the puppy is not suffering and you can find it a home then fine. But otherwise no, euthanasia would have been best as no animal should ever suffer. ‘Did Bing’s breeders do the right thing by Bing?’ In this case I think they did but they must never breed from the same two dogs again.” said Clorissa.

Clorissa – being a foster carer of a deaf and blind dog isn’t easy at all and when you have dedicated your love and time to a dog like Bing, you would probably do everything to give him the life he deserved. Right now, I see Bing to be one of the luckiest orphan dog there is, though he hasn’t have everything a normal dogs has or can do a normal dog can, he still is one very special dog. I’ve seen his pictures on his website ( and I was really happy for him. Such a happy soul very unique in so many ways. I give my deepest support and admiration for raising Bing, if Bing was cared by somebody else I don’t think Bing could survive and have that canine smile on his face. Though I don’t know exactly how it feels like to have a dog like Bing, this story surely picked me up from my seat and take a second look at my barkers at home.


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