Ultimate Confidence

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Self confidence is not an innate feature of man. It is like the outcome of overcoming your shyness and inching your way out of your “box” that limits your boundary in terms of reaching out to others. Being confident may seem to be easy in some ways, many people have developed their self confidence primarily with the help of the family and loved ones that believe in them. Knowing that we are trusted is one of keys that can be associated with confidence, as we grow with trust our confidence boost up and restraining our fear of failure and that is where success in any endeavor begins
Believing in yourself is the basic yet the most essential way of building up confidence. This step may take some time because we can’t really predict the result of every decision we make. A common example is the entrepreneur scenario where mostly every move is uncertain. An entrepreneur’s confidence is put into the test, the way he thinks, acts and negotiate is assessed by the how he relates his confidence on his work. Unexpected errors may crop up during the process of his work especially in terms of finance and this is one of the major breakdowns that a business person can go up againsts. Risks follows through every decision he will make but having the ultimate confidence will give him precise and decisive alternative solutions to revive his business. This is where confidence kicks back, it takes a lot of it to make it through this rough way of living. Though many factors of building self confidence is beyond your control there are a number of things you can actually do to improve it. According to John Wesley just by walking fast you can improive your confidence. “Walking with purpose” – is the term used by Wesley to determine how a person feels with himself. If he walks faster than most people do means he has more business to attend to, more places to go, more people to meet, he is an important person to sum it up. That maybe is the most comfortable way to beef up your mental edge. In just a matter of leg muscle control and a spoon of sweat to increase your confidence, piece of cake!
Before I park my pen here, I would like to share a secret. This secret has been passed on from centuries to centuries. Many ancient battles were fought to gain the secret’s manucripts which probably originated during the time of Plato. This secret was hunted down, stolen and was bought for a great sum of money. Remnants of the Secret has been discovered mostly in the oral traditions, religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. You must know Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientist who contributed his life discovering mysteries of physical reality and theories of relativity. Have you ever wondered how he began his work? Ludwig van Beethoven and his Ninth Symphony, Isaac Newton’s discovery and proof that gravity exists and the awe-inspiring story of Morris Goodman’s survival and recovery from paralysis, do you think they know that they could come up with those ideas or endure and survive paralysis? Many exceptional men and women existed and were known because of their knowledge of the Secret. They include some of the world’s leaders in the fields of business, economics, medicine, psychology, history, theology and science. The Secret, as I understand it is more associated with self confidence than any other human characteristic there is. It could be confidence in its highest form, that eliminates any negative thought that could hinder your way towards your goal. The Secret make you focus more transforming your mind as if it is your body, its a complete union of the mind and body. It is one’s freedom from his limitations that allows him to do unimaginable things. Whatever you thought is impossible as long as you know the Secret its just a matter of time until you can actually grasp anything you put your into. The Secret is the Law of Attraction. Of all the famous lines these exceptional men has uttered this one raised the hair on my nape – “I don’t know how, but I will surely do it”. Believe in yourself, focus your mind and the body will conceive. Be confident.

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