Liposuction made in Argentina

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I recently watch a video on CNN news about a woman named Deborah who flew all the way to Argentina for a full body liposculpture. The whole procedure may seem to be quite risky but for some people who do not want to wait for available surgeons and of course, to save money, medical tourism is the ideal solution. Going abroad to get your body done takes a lot of decision making, as for Deborah she made the best choice.”Well I came to Argentina for my full body liposuction surgery because of their world class professionals. GoSculptura arranged for this to be a vacation so I could recuperate in complete privacy and feel like I’m in a vacation,” Deborah said on an interview with Pulse on America.She then found out that she saved up to 40 – 50% of the cost she would have paid if she decided to undergo a full body liposculpture in the United States. Liposculpture which is an advanced form of liposuction will cost you around $9,000 compared to what Deborah spent on Argentina which is just $3,395 sweeping away around $5,600 of the total U.S. price tag. Her medical travel package includes contemporary hotel accommodation, medical procedures, post operative check ups and a free tour to the different areas of Argentina. But before Deborah’s surgical procedure and travel to Argentina she had undergone a free consultation and pre operative tests done by her physicians at home. GoSculptura made all these arrangements to ensure the success of her medical procedure.GoSculptura provided only the best clinic and surgeons in Argentina for Deborah’s full body liposculpture. Carefully picking adept and accredited directing surgeons with high standard training mostly acquired in the United States and with over fifteen years of medical experience.After the surgery Deborah has been carefully monitored and checked by her surgeons and enjoyed the scenery and landscapes of Argentina before her trip home. Deborah’s surgeons and GoSculptura ensured that she recovered perfectly before flying back home.Medical tourism is indeed one of the ingenious ways to promote your country’s medical expertise, tourist places and domestic culture. Offering more affordable alternatives for people in need of immediate and affordable medical procedures and surely a fast pace multi-billion industry soon.
Here is the video of Deborah and her experience of liposculpture in Argentina
Click here for more information on how to redesign your body in Argentina

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Liposuction has helped many people get on their way to a healthier lifestyle. By reducing fatty areas on the body, self-esteem is renewed, a commitment to eating healthier develops, and overall health and well-being restored.

Liposuction has helped many people get on their way to a healthier lifestyle. By reducing fatty areas on the body..

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