Medals and Ribbons

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I was a naughty student way back elementary, I even got choked by my teacher when I was in grade five because I laughed at her mistakes during a lesson. A mean thing to do, unprofessional in the sense that she can’t accept her flaws and instead of thanking me for correcting her, she rather got pissed and sent me home. Damn, I was so humiliated in front of my classmates but some of them think what I did was awesome hehe! To stand my ground and proved her wrong, though it was just a pathetic misspelled word they even cheered on me when my teacher opened the dictionary to recheck and verify if it was really misspelled. Jeez! that even made my footing buried, my teacher went berserk! She grabbed me by the neck, planting her nails on my skin and asked “You think your smart after correcting me?” She became a demon in my eyes after that day, the anger I had was molded until I graduated. I was expecting to see her yesterday, to see if she has something to say if we could meet face to face again hehe! But I didn’t go back to my alma mater because of that crummy reason. I was there because of the brothers, it was their recognition day and my mom asked me to help her pin their ribbons and put on their medals. I was so proud because they had so many awards, Jozar (13 years old) who I think had more than 10 ribbons and 5 medals and Ron2 (our youngest, he is 8 years old) came 2nd of his class and had 2 ribbons both on his exemplary math performance. Having three sons, my parents did a great job dealing with rebellious mind sets, sibling rivalry is a common scene, its like a daily routine at home (that doesn’t include me because I’m way older than the two, I wont spill out my age hehehe!) But we love each other though some times we often quarrel on little things and hurt each other to get the remote, we still stick around each other’s company and laugh. I guess boys will be boys no matter what.

Good thing my darleng brought her cp, which has a 3.2 MP camera, we took really nice shots of the occasion. She was invited by my mom and that day was marked as their first meeting and her first visit to our home naks! hehehe!










Again, I congratulate my brothers for their achievements. I feel left out but I guess the new generation is really ahead of us, I pray that both of you will have a bright future. Be good and take care.



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