Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

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The competition to deliver the best and possibly the most affordable plastic surgery has been waged througout the globe. In the present, every country is developing its health care system to compete the superior quality of the United States medical care. Patients from the U.S. and from the European countries as well are seeking alternatives for affordable plastic surgery and other medical procedures abroad. This is due to the sudden increase of the cost of health insurances and medical treatments. With an estimated 43 million U.S. citizens are without health insurance and 120 million Americans without dental coverage, medical tourism will be particularly attractive in the United States. Patients in Britain, Canada and other countries with long waiting lists for major surgery will be just as eager to take advantage of foreign health-care options.

U.S. patients are traveling around the world to seek high quality and affordable plastic surgery. Costa Rica is one of the world’s premier destination both for ecotourism and medical tourism. According to the World Health Organization, Costa Rica’s health care system is better than the U.S. This might be possible because plastic surgery in Costa Rica are conducted  by fully trained and National Medical Association certified doctors. Because of its proximity to the U.S. many doctors get training abroad, and are commonly American Medical Board certified, meaning you can get the same quality of care in Costa Rica as at home. If you’re worried about your doctor’s qualifications you can always check with the Costa Rican Medical Board. They can tell you what your doctor is certified to practice.

For North American patients, plastic surgery in Costa Rica is a solid choice for inexpensive, high-quality medical care without a trans-Pacific flight, and it is the particular mecca for westerners seeking plastic surgery. Aside from the quality and availability of medical care, Costa Rica, is unrelentingly hospitable to foreigners. Tourism is the country’s number one industry, having surpassed agricultural production in the last decade. More than 1.5 million visitors from abroad entered the country. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica is high in demand because of its cost but patients come back again because of its quality. This context was taken from Beauty From Afar, Schult stated that plastic surgery in Costa Rica is one the best treatments for patients looking for excellent medical procedures abroad. The country has state of the art hospitals that can deliver medical services with U.S. standards.

Talking about plastic surgery cost in Costa Rica, facial cosmetic surgery – the most commonly performed procedure in Costa Rica, can cost from $6000 to $12,000 in the United States. Comparable surgery in Costa Rica will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 including clinic stay, medicines, nursing care and the surgery. Most minor procedures are done on an ambulatory-care basis requiring no hospitalization. Major procedures, such as some breast surgeries and “tummy tucks,” can require overnight hospitalizations with the cost of the room included in the “package.” “plastic surgery cost are sometimes 50% lower than in the United States,” stated a staff person at Clinica de Cirugia Estetica, S.A., “but each case is different and prices are quoted on an individual basis after consultation with the surgeon.” Even though each case is different, Dr. Murillo suggests that many surgeries are 60% to 70% less expensive here than in the United States. Countries that offers offshore medical treatments have their pros and cons, but eventually their services will continue to grow and mature through time and experience. Costa Rica is on its way to become world renowned in terms of medical tourism. Costa Rica is truly a best place for medical vacation and to commune with nature.


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