The Mexican Knife – Plastic Surgery in Mexico

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U.S. medical tourism patients are occasionally going south of the border to obtain affordable plastic surgery. Ever since the United States health care and insurance systems costs surged sky high, patients, employees and even companies are getting their health care insurances abroad to save money. Mexico has been one of the many refuge of U.S. citizen when it comes to less expensive medical care and health treatments. Popular specialties include dentistry and affordable plastic surgery. Mexican dentists often charge one-fifth to one-fourth of US prices, while other procedures typically cost a third what they would in the US. As the trend continues to pull more patients to Mexico, American healthcare providers who, fearing a loss of business, warn patients away from Mexico. “The phenomenon has unsettled US-based dentists who tell horror stories of rampant infections, undetected cases of oral cancer and shoddy work south of the border, claims hotly disputed by Mexican dentists.” “In Texas, legislators explored the possibility of allowing health maintenance organizations to operate on both sides of the border. However, physicians in south Texas lobbied against the changes, arguing that local doctors could not compete with the lower costs in Mexico”. U.S. doctors point out that the Mexican legal system makes it almost impossible to sue Mexican doctors for malpractice.

The reputes of the “good” surgeons in Mexico have been stained badly because of border surgeons who were proven culprits of surgical malpractice. These border surgeons caused disrespect and ill perceptions of the media, plastic surgery in Mexico has been targeted by critics and the news have spread entirely over the internet. There are some good doctors who do excellent work and can help with the financial burden, however, it requires much due diligence on the patient to find the right ones. According to Tolbert Wilkinson, M.D., a well-known San Antonio cosmetic surgeon, “Some of the best plastic surgeons in the world are in Guadalajara and Mexico City”. He clearly stated that plastic surgery in Mexico is one of the best in the world but he warns patients about surgeons in the border who may not be at all trained plastic surgeons.

The key is good research and fully utilize the internet and search for the most credible, reliable and experienced clinics in Mexico. It is very natural for patients to have doubts and somehow get scared for the risks of taking medical procedures away from home. If you have a personal or family doctor try consulting them before undertaking plastic surgery in Mexico. They can provide expert advices where to find credible and expert surgeons and clinics in Mexico. As far as I know, Mexico city is just not like in the movies. There are many high-tech medical centers that many places in the US lack. Another thing that can be useful to American patients is to find help from medical tourism providers based in the U.S. These agencies offer medical vacation packages in different countries that offer rock bottom plastic surgery cost. Aside from giving patients the option of affordable plastic surgery, medical tourism providers also arrange the patient’s flight tickets, hotel accommodations, leisure trips and other included services in a fixed price.

As far as plastic surgery cost and quality is to consider, medical tourism is the best choice but the final decision is still for you to take. Just bear in mind that there are good doctors and bad doctors no matter where you go. You just have to do your homework and find the best surgeon or medical tourism agencies possible. Plastic surgery cost is something to consider but never bargain quality with cost. Surgery can change your life after a few hours, it includes risks along with satisfaction. Just make the right choice.


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