Plastic Surgery in the Tropics

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Natural beauty seems to be a distant concept as plastic surgery in Brazil have been pulling more patients in the country because of its world class affordable plastic surgery. In 2006, the biggest cosmetic surgery event in history took place in Brazil. Described to be largest convention of about 2,400 surgeons from nearly 80 different countries in attendance, the biannual reunion of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (Isaps) was said to be a mega industry of cosmetic surgery in the making. This is pure evidence that plastic surgery in Brazil is among the finest in the world, with around 4,000 cosmetic surgeons who undergo rigorous training and certification.

Plastic surgery in Brazil comes very close in quality with the American surgical standards. The two can actually compete but to people that considers affordable plastic surgery, a relaxing vacation or recuperation on the beach, Brazil is the best destination. The increase of patients coming to the country has reached to 10-20%. However neither the Brazilian government nor the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) knows how many foreigners cross the country’s borders for aesthetic purposes. Plastic surgery cost have always been the great barrier for patients in the U.s. and Europe. The difference is perceptible, most plastic surgery cost abroad cost 40%-50% cheaper. The cost includes the procedure, accommodations and a week long vacation in the destination country. Countries that offers affordable plastic surgery have medical tourism agencies based in the U.S. that give the patients ease of access, credible and legal procedures and the most experienced and credentialed surgeons. The U.s. as well as the European medical care without question is the best in the world, the thing is, the people can afford their plastic surgery cost.

Before Brazil built an awesome name for affordable plastic surgery, it has encountered many negative reviews. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released a white paper that urges caution for patients thinking about heading abroad. The warnings essentially boil down to buyer beware. Full-service operators try to eliminate some of the worry by helping prospective patients perform due diligence on physicians and hospitals, an often difficult task given language barriers and an unfamiliar bureaucracy. Plastic surgery in Brazil has gone past the critics note and now giving one of the most solid medical procedures for patients all over the world. Don’t be ignorant, try to search the internet for the best clinics and agencies that offers the cosmetic procedure you wish to take.


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2 Responses to “Plastic Surgery in the Tropics”

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The AMA is one of the worst run organizations in America – recently, now get this, surgeons we’re learning which side was left and which side was right, on a patient. I kid you not. Surgeons took out the left kidney instead of the right, the right lung instead of the left, etc.
I’d trust myself with a foreign surgeon rather than the ones we have here.
Thanks for the post.

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