How To Trace Your Family History

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There are approximately 12 steps if you are planning to organize your family tree. But I summarized the entire guide and ended up with 9. In order to get things started you have to prepare the following materials.

File boxes with lids
Colored hanging file folders
Standard green hanging files
Manila folders
Labels for folders
Dot or star
Lined paper
Additional boxes to expand your storage
A carrying case to hold all of this in
Wall size pedigree chart.

Pedigree charts can be found at most genealogy websites and local libraries.

Steps in tracing down you Family Genealogy:

1. Organize your family pedigree charts – Print a complete set of all your pedigree charts. You have to start with your name and working backwards. Choose a color among the hanging folders and label it “Pedigree Charts”. Then put all the printed pedigree charts in it. Fill them out as much as you can. It is much easier if you do it with some close in the family. Maybe the older the better because the more info you can fill out now, the easier it will be later.

2. To start your family genealogy, print a colored copy of the Circled 5 Generation Pedigree Chart. You are the 5th generation and your sixteen great grandparents are the first generation. Refer to the color code provided in the chart to fill in the rest.

3. Place 16 hanging file folders in your box. You will need 16 boxes for all your great grandparent, you may need more later but let just start with 16. Separate 8 folder, then label them with the surnames of each of your 8 great grandfather. The remaining 8 folder will be labeled by the maiden names of your 8 great grandmothers. This part is quite difficult since you have to get all of the surnames and maiden names of your first generation. You need all the help you can get, do as many as you can and try to communicate with relatives who may know their names. You can also conduct a family research to track your family history.

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