Confused on How to Get Your Family History Started?

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Here are some steps and pointers how to start your own family history.

Step 1 – How much do you know your family? Your strong is your family, how many relatives do you know by heart? Write down all exact info you can possibly think of and confirm them. You may not want to make a faulty family tree. Some pointers to make your family research faster and with good results.

– Use big letters when writing family names. This lets the eye scan genealogical records easier.
– List the dates in this fashion: (03 Mar 1985) instead of 3/22/1866. This keeps the numbers from getting jumbled.
– Write the places in this order: City/Town,County,State,Country (e.g.Jacksonville, St. Johns, Florida, USA)

Your name may appear several times when you are in the processing of making your Pedigree Chart. If you are now a parent, you will add your name on the family group records twice. Once during your maiden years and another during your marriage life. If you have more than one marriage, fill out another sheet and add them to the records. These two forms are the two most important part of the research. Also complete the Family Group Records. When doing family history, family Research, family Tree, family genealogy or family generations research, these two charts are the most vital tools in completing your generation research.

Step 2 – State the things you want to know about your family history: Pedigree charts asks primarily about dates and places. You have to make extensive research about important dates and places about your ancestors. Death dates/places, birth dates/places and marriage dates/places are among the most important information in family research.

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