Medical Tourism Spotlight: Mexico

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People have known Mexico as the country to go to for excellent dental care, but few have taken the time to research more complicated medical procedures available in Mexico like affordable plastic surgery and gastric bypass. The Federal Government of Mexico has recently sent a representative to a conference in Singapore to discuss the quality of plastic surgery in Mexico and what the country will contribute in the medical tourism economy in the future. over the past few years, plastic surgery in Mexico has been a solid choice for American patients because of its affordable plastic surgery cost and professional medical care. This phenomenon created a huge interest in many Mexican states to attract American patients to their healthcare facilities as well. Major investment projects have commenced that include golf resorts, retirement communities, assisted living and healthcare facilities that are designed to attract American retirees. Hospitals are duplicating their successful hospital models across the nation and many are creating affiliations with American Hospitals to help with their branding.

Private hospital beds in Mexico increased 28% from 27,015 in 2000 to 34,576 in 2005. The number of surgery rooms in private hospitals jumped 46 percent from 3,115 in 2000 to 4,545 in 2005. Also, the number of private doctors (not employed by the government) in Mexico more than doubled to 55,173 from 21,565 from 2000 to 2005. Mexico has around 500 inhabitants per doctor as reported in 2007 and 2.1 nurses per 1 000 population in 2003. Although, during the past decade there has been rapid growth in the availability of diagnostic technologies (CT scanners, MRI units, and etc.) in most OECD countries, Mexico has consistently lagged behind. The only two JCI accredited facilities in Mexico, are found in Monterrey, Mexico. They are the Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad facility which was first accredited in July of 2007 and the Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey which was just accredited in December of 2007. The city of Monterrey also offers several other private and public facilities.

Many people are already aware that Mexico has long been a destination for those wishing to save on prescription medications. Plastic surgery costs are usually at a fraction of what you would pay in the U.S. and they typically come from the exact same pharmaceutical manufacturers. However, one of the fastest growing healthcare procedures in Mexico is having dental work performed. In addition, cosmetic/reconstructive surgeries are becoming more popular. Costs for many of these procedures can be reduced by half or more of what it costs in the U.S.

Affordable plastic surgery in Mexico can now be acquired by the help of medical tourism agencies that organize and fix schedules for patients. GoSculptura Mexico – a medical tourism leader in the organization of packages for plastic surgery in Mexico, offers a complete medical vacation package starting from a free consultation, travel and hotel accomodations, surgery, recovery and a follow up back home.


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