Medical Tourism Rush to Mexico

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Despite the country’s dark past, plastic surgery in Mexico maintained its development through the years. Slowly renewing its name and removing the stain done by illegal medical procedures performed by false surgeons. A few years ago no one would even dare to step on the country for affordable plastic surgery. Lately however, this trend has changed and Mexico has actually established some very good medical schools. These schools contributed to the rise of plastic surgery in Mexico and most probably the reason why the country is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best destinations for affordable plastic surgery.

The University of Guadalajara is an outstanding institute which has trained many Mexicans and American students as well. This is where many American doctors receive their medical degrees. Adding more solid evidence on the quality of plastic surgery in Mexico, is the Institute of Reconstructive Surgery that can be found in Guadalajara. This prestigious institute has been molding doctors all over the world with the latest surgical techniques for over 35 years.

The hospital facilities are superior and with almost 100 certified surgeons, there is no need to rush and set an appointment with your surgeon worrying about the waiting list. While most American doctors seem hurried to get their patients in and out the door, doctors in Mexico will spend time listening to their patients’ needs and assuaging their concerns.

Plastic surgery cost is the core concern of patients all over the world. That’s the prime reason why more U.S. patients consider plastic surgery in Mexico as a cost effective choice. Plastic surgery cost in Mexico is usually 50%-70% lower when compared to prices in the U.S. and Europe. For example, a face lift is known to cost between $5,000 and $6,000 in the United States. In Mexico, a face lift costs between $2,000 and $2,500. While a tummy tuck may only cost you about $3,000 in Mexico, you will be likely to pay double that amount or even more in the United States. The cost of a breast reduction is often $9,000 in the U.S., whereas it is only about $2,500 in Mexico.

Guadalajara’s closeness with the top tourists spots in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta and Lake Chapala gives more attraction to American patients seeking affordable plastic surgery in the country. In addition, one of the largest American retirement communities can be found in Mexico.

Guadalajara is not the only place where you can get low plastic surgery cost. Going around the Mexico City and Monterrey may also give you more options in finding many good plastic surgeons. However, clinics along the border with the U.S. is not a smart choice since the risks are higher. If you plan to take your medical procedure in a clinic on the border make sure to visit and make a clean investigation. Reference and credentials about the surgeon are things to know.

Affordable plastic surgery in Mexico can now be acquired by the help of medical tourism agencies that organize and fix schedules for patients. GoSculptura Mexico – a medical tourism leader in the organization of packages for plastic surgery in Mexico, offers a complete medical vacation package starting from a free consultation, travel and hotel accomodations, surgery, recovery and a follow up back home.


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