“Paris of the South” makes top choice medical tourism destination

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Buenos Aires or some call it as the “Paris of South America” is Argentina’s pride and capital for affordable plastic surgery. Buenos Aires clinics and hospitals are without a doubt among the best in the world. They have medical equipments and facilities that can compete evenly with the U.S. and Europe. Buenos Aires is also known for its advanced health care system and the home of highly skilled surgeons.

Plastic surgery in Argentina offers cost effective medical treatments that answer the needs of foreign patients. With low plastic surgery cost and professional surgical treatments, patients can now enjoy and fulfill their dreams of redesigning their body without worrying too much on the cost. The fact that Argentina’s currency collapsed in early 2002, the country has become a first choice destination for affordable plastic surgery. Due to the favorable exchange rate compared for those paying in American dollars, Argentina’s low plastic surgery cost is a solid option.

The prime quality of plastic surgery in Argentina relies generally on the capabilities of your surgeon. To ensure best result of your medical treatment make sure to carefully check his/her credentials. While a medical license is required to practice, surgeons operating private clinics are not required to be accredited. Don’t take this as meaning that the doctors are not qualified, only that it’s better to be safe than to end up with a botched procedure, as is true of anywhere medicine is practiced. If you are to take affordable plastic surgery in Argentina, you might also want to check medical tourism agencies in the internet. They are companies that makes offshore medical treatments fast and secure. If you are planning to fly to Argentina, inquiring in a medical tourism agency near you is a good choice.

The Process of Getting Plastic Surgery in Argentina

The typical process is as follows: the person seeking medical treatment abroad contacts a medical tourism provider. The provider usually requires the patient to provide a medical report, including the nature of ailment, local doctor’s opinion, medical history, and diagnosis, and may request additional information. Certified medical doctors or consultants then advise on the medical treatment. The approximate expenditure, choice of hospitals and tourist destinations, and duration of stay, etc., is discussed. After signing consent bonds and agreements, the patient is given recommendation letters for a medical visa, to be procured from the concerned embassy. The patient travels to the destination country, where the medical tourism provider assigns a case executive, who takes care of the patient’s accommodation, treatment and any other form of care. Once the treatment is done, the patient can remain in the tourist destination or return home.

There are a large number of medical tourism companies in Argentina, which offer great services for the medical travelers. For complex specialized surgeries or treatments come to Argentina, take the help of the latest advancement of medical science and get excellent services.

If you want to know more information on how to redesign your body in Argentina, you can visit GoSculptura and get your free surgeon consultation and a free preview of how you will look like after the surgery.


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