Benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery in Mexico

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You might wonder why more American patients choose the option of traveling to Mexico for health care and medical procedures. With advanced medical facilities and renowned medical care so close to home, why travel across the border or fly thousands of miles to get treatment somewhere else?

Benefits of Plastic surgery in Mexico

According to surveys, there are many good reasons why traveling for medical care can actually be better for your health and your wallet as well. one of the core benefits of getting plastic surgery in Mexico is the huge amount of savings because of its affordable plastic surgery cost. Even with the cost of travel and lodging are added in, getting plastic surgery in Mexico can still be significantly cheaper than getting the same procedure in the United States. In fact, some clinics in Mexico City offer as little as tenth of the plastic surgery cost in the United States, Canada and Europe. Unlike hospitals and clinics in the U.S., most of the hospitals abroad are willing to give patients an estimate of the total plastic surgery cost up front. This is done to help patients avoid many hidden costs that can be added up with surgery. Also, make sure if your insurance provider is not eligible to cover overseas surgeries before paying these expenses right from your pockets. Some insurance companies cover offshore medical costs, so be sure to ask your provider if they can grant you this privilege.

Another major benefit of getting affordable plastic surgery in Mexico is the availability of the procedure and the lack of waiting in line. Aside from the advantage of low plastic surgery cost and cheap cosmetic surgery, in some cases patients opt to travel abroad because of the long wait. Patients who needs to get operated immediately might be better served by seeking treatment somewhere else. Wait times for surgery can be months or up to a year, but in less overcrowded list of pending patients whether major or cosmetic surgeries can be scheduled within few days or weeks.

Medical Tourism Agencies as gate ways

Medical tourism is a great way of finding qualified and experienced surgeons to give you the attention you need right away. More medical tourism agencies are now providing ways for patients to get to know surgeons in the country they are planning to get their affordable plastic surgery. Chat, phone calls, and web cams are now available for use, this way patients will be able to ask question related to their procedures and surgeons will provide expert advice. Medical tourism agencies also provide credentials of the surgeons in their network, patients will be able to check the surgeon’s medical records and experience, in fact some agencies allow their surgeons to be interviewed by patients.

Affordable plastic surgery in Mexico can now be acquired by the help of medical tourism agencies that organize and fix schedules for patients. GoSculptura Mexico – a medical tourism leader in the organization of packages for plastic surgery in Mexico, offers a complete medical vacation package starting from a free consultation, travel and hotel accomodations, surgery, recovery and a follow up back home.


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