How Useful is Image Playback?

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One of the prime advantages of digital photography is the image playback feature which has been a great help for photographers on their everyday adventure and also an essential tool for photo contests. Image playback allows you immediately see the picture after the shot, this allows photographers to check the image and take another picture if necessary. More advanced digital cameras have auto previews which instantly holds the image on the LCD screen for a few seconds after the shutter release. For photo contests, this feature will allow photographers to immediately check every shot they take saving time and money if compared to traditional film photographs.

Image Playback Tips and Techniques for Photography Contests

Using the image playback you can check many aspects of the image. One can easily spot the problem beforehand and and take another shot for their picture contest entry. Use your instant review function to check on image quality. Right after you took a number of pictures, you can view them one at a time using the grid view of images or use the slide show format. In picture contests, you can review all the image in your memory card by switching the camera from shooting mode to playback mode.

After several participation on photography contests, photo artists found out that LCD screens are not always reliable if you want to check the quality of the images you took. A good example is when you take an image in a low-light scenario. Upon checking it using playback, the image will appear a bit darker on the LCD screen. However, when you try to open the image using photo software in a computer, a simple brightness and contrast adjustment reveals a fully detailed image. This process is usually done for photo competitions when you are trying to alter some of the aspects of the photo to make it more captivating.

Another thing note worthy for photo competitions is the function of some digital cameras to display the camera setting along with the play back feature in each picture you browse. This helps you to see the image and if you are not satisfied with the result, you can use the information you did previously with the shot you made and do some changes to correct the next shot. More advanced digital cameras are able to display a histogram. Histograms are  graphic representation of the scene that shows you if the image is under- or over-exposed. With the histogram, you can correct and do some necessary changes in your next exposure.

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