Plastic surgery in Costa Rica Attracts Large Scale Business Companies in the U.S.

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Heads and CEO’s of large scale companies and even medium to small businesses in the U.S. and Canada are willing to push themselves to the limit to fight the rising of health care cost. Because of health care insurance bloating prices each year plus overhead cost, companies are taking drastic measures and encouraging their workers in need of medical procedures to go abroad. The outrageous plastic surgery cost is the prime reason why American patients seek care in far off locales as Costa Rica. It was found out that overseas treatment will cut medical costs by more than 10 percent year over year and avoid another 20 to 30 percent rise in health care premiums.

Yet even if you have health insurance provided by your company, it is very unlikely for them to provide any international coverage. Only several insurance providers give their clients the privilege to travel outside their own health care network and give the same services. And for insurance companies that provide international coverage, the deductible alone may be more than the plastic surgery cost and expense of traveling abroad for medical tourism. The deductible is a set amount of medical expenses a patient must pay to become eligible for insurance benefits under an insurance program. In this case, it is more practical to negotiate with medical tourism agencies than relying on health insurance providers. Because of the overwhelming plastic surgery cost in the U.S., reputable medical tourism agencies can be found everywhere across the country. These agencies promotes affordable plastic surgery in countries with high standard medical facilities and professional surgeons.

Large companies like Integrated Control Systems, a 180-employee Albuquerque construction firm seek care in Costa Rica for cost effective and affordable plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica has been pulling American patients for years. The country is not only visited for its ecological wonders but also for the medical services it offers. With highly advanced medical facilities and clinics, excellent patient care and a very relaxing environment, the nation is internationally acclaimed as one of the best medical destination in the world. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica is widely renowned because of the quality of its surgeon.The quality of these professionals is unquestionable as is shown by the health indices given by the World Health Organization. Other countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and India are also commonly found in the list of top notch medical tourism destination. These countries also provides high standard and affordable plastic surgery. Each of which is renowned from its excellence in providing medical care for foreign patients and giving relaxing and healing vacations in its own way.

Medical tourism particularly appeals to those without any health insurance. The best option is to weigh the costs of using your own medical insurance to have the procedure done home versus the cost of travelling abroad for the health care. The advantage of traveling abroad and getting plastic surgery in Costa Rica or in any other country is the wait times for certain operations such as hip and knee replacements which are painfully long. At the end of the day you may find that it’s quicker and more convenient to have the surgery done overseas. And getting help from medical tourism agencies will save you time and give you more peace of mind for your trip.

To know more about plastic surgery in Costa Rica, please visit GoSculptura Costa Rica and get your free surgeon consultation and a free preview of how you will look like after the surgery.


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