Joining Your First Photo Contest?

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Photo competitions are everywhere, you will find posters of it mostly in magazines, newspapers, tv ads and of course the internet. Joining photo competitions is the best way to practice and develop one’s photography skills. You will actually gain more knowledge and ideas without even noticing because of the fun photo contests bring. Its also a great way to get to know other people’s thoughts and insights on different photography styles. In my own experience, the time I got hooked on photography forums is also the time when I developed my own unique style. People will surely recognize my pictures at a glance because of that particular style. Also, photo contests can be used to promote and advertise products or companies related to photography. For example, Photo laureates and its photography contest provide a platform of artistic expression for amateur and professional photographers to gain exposure and recognition. It promotes through technical workshops, improvisation sessions as well as photography contests. Well, there could be a variety of reasons on how to use picture contests. Either you use it to promote or advertise, have fun, or gain more exposure in the world of photography.

Yes, picture contests offer awesome prizes. You can win at least a certificate and cash prizes on occasional picture contest. Some photographers make a handy bit of extra cash by entering competitions on a regular basis. Prizes are a definite draw but they vary depending on whose running the competition. Big time photo competitions give participants the chance to take home a brand new car. Winning is no piece of cake though, you have to compete with thousands of other photographers and be on top of each of them to get the prize. Though prizes are a definite draw, many just enter competitions to test their skill against others.

Photo contests are usually judged by three persons. If your contest entry didn’t make it to the top, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks quality. Though judges try their best to come out with the best decision which photo should win, their personal taste in the type of images they like will usually prevail. The most impartial way to even out the final verdict is to get three judges with different tastes. This way personal taste will be watered a bit and the best image will rise to the top.

Always read the rules of the contests upon joining. Don’t get too excited and jump right out there taking pictures. Always take note of the closing date, entry form, number of allowed entries and the media format. Also, know the theme of the contest. This is the specific subject of what your entry or entries should focus on. Most competitions have a theme and certain guidelines to be followed. Sometimes even the organisation running the competition must be considered before even composing that winning shot. Another important thing to keep on mind is avoiding technical faults. Your images should be well exposed, composed and in focus. Lastly, try your best to enjoy the competition and socialize with other photographers. Rubbing shoulders with expert photographers might give you the chance to know more ideas and techniques to improved your skills.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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