Photography in the Wilds

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Wild life for sure is one of the most fascinating subjects for photo contests.However, joining wild life photo contests can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. Yet, the joy of capturing once in a life time photos is priceless and the experience is overwhelming.

capturing wild animals needs extra amount of patience since you can’t make them pose in front of the camera. In wild life photo competitions, two of the best tools you surely want to have are patience and quickness. One should keep his camera ready any time in the wild. 99% of the time an animal will scurry past and you won’t have time to take the film camera out of your bag, take of the lens cap, set the aperture and shutter speed and take the photograph – it’s not going to happen. The trick is, either you find a perfect spot and wait for the time a subject to pass by or you may choose to find the dwelling place of your subject. Wild life photo competitions is also like the actual hunting, the only difference is you need to catch your subject by the use of your camera.

The two most important pieces of equipment in wildlife photography are camera lens length and shutter speed. Wild life photography contest does not advocate the use of a tripod since you can’t freely move with it sticking with you. Most of the time Wild life  photography contest subjects will not get anywhere near you, or in some case you won’t want to get anywhere near them. A macro lens should be used to capture small animals such as insects and a zoom lens to capture animals standing at a distance. The zoom lens will allow you to photograph birds flying overhead or dangerous animals in the distance, or simply let you take a photograph without scaring the wildlife by getting too close.

Another important thing to consider in wild life picture contest is the shutter speed. Animals are sensitive to vibrations around them, even if they are lying still you can’t be sure that it will remain still before you can get a flawless shot. To make sure of a clear photo it is best to use a shutter speed no slower than 1/400 to eliminate any motion blur. Using a shutter speed up to 1/5000 should always be considered when you are trying to capture subjects in motion. Wild life picture contests utilize more sunlight to perfectly expose the film and the fast shutter speeds. You must always remember to leave the aperture open to allow more sunlight.

Taking pictures of dynamic wild life will also require cameras with auto exposure setting, or shutter-priority. You won’t always have the time to check your camera’s exposure when getting pictures of fast moving animals, so an automatic camera will allow you to set a desired shutter speed and simply point, focus, and shoot.

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