Wondering why your photo was turned down?

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All photo contests specifies a strong combination of features in a photo for it to qualify as a contest entry. Features may include elements like excellent lighting, eye-catching color, balanced composition, sharpness and correct exposure. The judging process of photo contests is composed of several stages. Some photo contests also make use of the voting process to eliminate other photos if there are many very good entries.

The higher the level of a photo competition the more brutal is the judging process. Since photo competitions strongly encourage photographers to stick with its criteria, some tend to forget some of the basic rules. In order to stay on the right track, here are some guidelines that might help. Please bear in mind that all photo competitions have its own set of special rules to follow. These are just some of the common rules which I observed in my own experience.

Let’s get it on.

Read the Rules

The first thing you should do is read the photography contest’s terms of condition. This will reveal you certain rules you should follow in making your contest entry. Watch our for additional contest rules that some photography contests include in their original set of criteria. These are rules that give entries some points if performed well. Additional contest rules are made to promote sponsors of the photography contest or the site itself.

Evaluate your entry

In order to make it in the final judging make sure that your image have a high standard of sharpness. Entries that are obviously, and unintentionally blurry are eliminated early on of the picture contest however, if the picture features some blurriness, it has to be a clearly intentional, artistic use of blur by the photographer.

When the image is seen to be unintentional and dissatisfying, the picture receives a lower score. Occasionally, judges allow such artistic impression if its part of the image’s uniqueness.


Correct exposure is a must in picture contests. Entries will be turned down if it is underexposed, if the colors are not what seems to be, the images are faint and blurred or in some cases the image was poorly scanned. Clarity and resolution of the photo – being able to enjoy the details of an image – mean a lot to the judges. They look at how well exposed the image is and, unless the photo is black and white, how well color is captured.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to www.thephotochallenge.com


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