Unique Tips for Better Photography

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Getting used to the basic concepts of photography and doing it right will give you the confidence you need to win photo contests. Improving your basic skills will open new doors for more advanced techniques that will make photography even more interesting and fun. Learning and enjoying are the best way to improve your skills in taking pictures. In this way, you will acquire  higher level of skills without even noticing it.

Winning photo contests is a dream for all photographers. To see your photo win the first place or even make it to the final pick of any photo competition is satisfaction. But before joining a real photo competition, you need to know these unique tips that I’m pretty sure will be of great help. Even professional photographers sometimes tend to slack off from the basics and forget how important these small things used to be. To refresh your mind a little bit, let me discuss some quick tips to make your photographs look better and hopefully win picture contests.

Correct Lighting

A good background on camera lighting is one of the basic concepts of better photography. In photography contests, you should be able to know which way is the light coming from, where are the shadows falling and how will light affect your subject. In my opinion, the best time to take pictures is when your shadow is longer that you are.

Keep the Settings Simple

Using Aperture Priority most of the time and bringing a tripod is a great way to get better results for picture contests. With this simple set up you can solve many problems especially when you are shooting in low light.

Shutter Speed

Setting the shutter speed depends on how you want the image will look after the shot. Professional Photographers will use a tripod and slow shutter speed to get that soft, flowing look when photographing streams and waterfalls. Or use a fast shutter speed to stop the motion of a speeding car.

Quick Shot

The best way to take pictures of wild life is shooting fast. Practice at getting quicker and quicker. Animals won’t give you the chance to ask them to pose like humans do. So, shoot first and ask questions later!

Focus on Your Subject

Try using different aperture settings to see what effect Depth of Field has on your photographs. In photography contests, you will find that an f-stop of f/2.8 (large aperture) will give a short depth of field, blurring the background and focusing more attention on your subject. And an f-stop of f/22 (small aperture) will give a large depth of field where the whole photograph is in focus. Using a relatively short depth of field is a technique portrait photographers use to make the subject stand out.

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