Modern Photographic Elements

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Online photo contests are very interesting and fun. Like myself, many aspiring artists are now having a decent amount of fame and fortune from winning photo contests in the internet. If you think you have the skills and passion for photography, joining online photo competitions is the quickest way to get involved with many experts and professional photographers and get a hold of some of their techniques and styles. By joining in, you will experience how things work in a real photo competition. The fun, excitement and the lessons you will learn are priceless.

In order to come on top of photography contests there are certain elements you must achieve. The following are some of the basic factors to keep in mind.

Keeping the Camera Steady

Its necessary to keep the camera steady when taking pictures to avoid getting a blurred image of your subject. However, keeping your camera steady when shooting is crucial. The longer the exposure or focal-length lens you use, the more crucial holding your camera steady becomes. In photography contests, you may want to use a tripod or some other type of support to fix the position of your camera.

Photographic Composition

How are photographic composition skills developed? Practice, practice and more practice! You look, you study, you observe. In every picture you take, take a peep around within the viewfinder. The subject and the elements surrounding it should be in perfect harmony. Consider the way each element will be recorded and how it relates to the overall composition. In picture contests, over familiarity with your camera is a plus. You should also know each feature to make different styles of the image. Experiment with the camera and look at the results carefully to see if they meet your expectations.

Shapes and Lines

Shapes and lines are basic elements of photo composition. When combined, these two will create a unique composition style of desire effect. As a photographer, you usually have control over the way shapes and lines are used in your pictures. Learn to explore and create different composition effects using lines and shapes, as you go on you will find your own unique style and incorporate it in your every image as trademark.


Contrast in picture contests is the process of focusing the viewer’s attention to the center of interest. This can be done by positioning the elements of the image and the subject in such a way that gives them more emphasis and catchy look.


When you know the principles of perspective and skillfully apply them, the photographs you produce show a good rendition of the subject’s form and shape, and the viewer is given the sensation of volume, space, depth, and distance. Additionally, the photographer can manipulate perspective to change the illusion of space and distance by either expanding or compressing these factors, therefore providing a sense of scale within the picture.

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