Digital Photography Guide for Newbies

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Many new digital cameras are coming out in the market today. More features, more upgrades and enhancements, however, the better they become the more complicated they are to use. It is true that you can only test your skills as a photographer by competing in various photo contests. As a newbie, the first thing you should do is to get a camera and become familiar with it. For beginners, you don’t have to get the latest digital camera with all the complicated features. I know a friend who owns Canon Powershot S3 IS. He purchased this digital camera about a year ago and I still haven’t utilized all of the awesome little features this camera has to offer. In my own experience, you don’t have to get the camera that offers so many features. Instead, get the camera that offers what you need and try to master every little feature it has. Though photo contests is a battle of cameras yet the style and uniqueness of the owner also counts. Try to remember that.

Aside from cameras and tools that you are planning to get, you must also equip yourself with enough knowledge of digital photography. To get you started, here are some tips for taking digital photography and hopefully take you one step ahead and win your first photo competition.

1. Take time and know your camera. Every single detail of the functions of your camera is already a great tool to win photo competition, knowing them all and using them properly is the first step.

2. Winning photography contests requires good knowledge about the “Rule of Thirds”. This is one of the basic principles of photographic composition. Learn it, experiment, and master this principle.

3. One of the most common mistakes of beginners is keeping the camera still when taking pictures. Learn how to hold the camera properly – Put one hand on the right hand side of your camera where you actually snap the photo and the other hand will support the weight of your camera. Depending on the camera, your left hand will either be positioned on the bottom or around your lens. In some cases when holding the camera still is difficult, use a tripod.

4. Learn to be creative and unique. When it comes to photography contests, all photos are judged by its impact and uniqueness.

5. Its good to invest with your art but I suggest you invest first in getting a tripod instead of a camera. Gain wisdom by practicing and learning photography using cheaper equipment. After you have been taking pictures for some time, you will then know what kind of equipment you will need.

6. Get interactive and join online picture contest forums. Picture contest forums allow you to post your photos and get feedbacks from more experienced photographers. From doing so, you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses in photography.

7. Look at other photographers work. Just spending time studying the work of other photographers can provide loads of inspiration.

8. Lastly, develop your own style when taking pictures and continue to experiment with your camera. Even if you have skills, you must possess hard work to reach the top.

One of the most fascinating inventions of the modern world are digital cameras. To capture priceless moments and have them framed in a matter of minutes. To be able to point and shoot at any scene that you find exciting and fun. Or to tell a story with a myriad of pictures taken by your own digital camera. A Digital camera has so much potential and is something we should not take for granted.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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