Costa Rica: Top Notch Country for Medical Tourism

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The growth of plastic surgery in Costa Rica clearly reflects the nation’s ability to provide high quality affordable plastic surgery and satisfactory rented accommodations. The country is an acclaimed destination for medical tourism, a fast phase industry of patients flying abroad to acquire affordable plastic surgery rather than spending too much money back at home. There are other countries that promotes affordable plastic surgery around the world like India and Malaysia. As for Costa Rica, most of its visitors are mainly U.S. citizens. Americans are very much likely to end up in one of Costa Rica premier clinics or hospitals because of its advanced, high quality medical care, culture, and of course low plastic surgery cost.

Plastic surgery cost in Costa Rica is one of the core reasons of its continued progress over the years. The country offers as much as 50 – 70 percent savings in plastic surgery costs for major and elective medical procedures if compared in the United States, Canada or Western Europe. Although plastic surgery in Costa Rica is much more developed than its neighboring countries, the nation is still a third world country. This plainly explains why despite its top notch medical services, plastic surgery in Costa Rica is extremely cheap compared to highly developed countries. Moreover, government subsidized healthcare helps keep the cost of private healthcare low.

Malpratice and botched surgeries are fear factors that scares many patients who have thought of getting affordable plastic surgery abroad. However, in terms of quality and safety, if you would do a quick research, Costa Rica’s top ranked hospitals have success rates that can be compared or maybe exceed that of the United States. The surgeons in the heart of Costa Rica are all qualified and internationally certified. The CIMA Hospital and the Clinica Biblica are two of Costa Rica’s most renowned private medical institution, where you can find surgeons and doctors who have been trained in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The number of patients flying to Costa Rica acquiring its health care increases year by year. There are many patients who have been in Costa Rica before and went back for another medical procedure. The large amount of savings is not the main reason why they keep coming back in Costa Rica. Its because of the country’s health care standards, warm personal care and the utmost attention they get from the doctors.

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