Telling a Story in a Photo

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ave you ever asked yourself why are you taking pictures? I guess the most probable reason is because you like what you see and it might be great to take a shot of it with my own camera. Tell you what, I know this guy from a photo contest and I was very enlightened on his beliefs about photography and how he used photo contests as a way to communicate. Instead of taking random pictures of anything he found interesting or cool, he used photography as a way to tell a story and became a storyteller rather than a photographer.

Using your talent to tell stories with camera will enjoy looking at a story over a snapshot any day. This will also force you to slow down and think of other ways to improve your photography. Using photo competitions as a way to let people know the story behind the photo is a better way than showing them the exact details at one glance. Photo competitions is not all about revealing the true meaning of the photo at an instant. Give your viewers more reason to look closely at your picture for them to find out what it is really all about. What is it about this scene that makes you want to make a photograph? What moves you or attracts your eye? Is there a theme, a phrase or a point of view that you want to capture and preserve? These probing questions that will help you make awesome images and hopefully win photography contests.

Photography contests are the real deal to mold you into a better skilled photographer. You learn many things by just reading the feedbacks of more experienced on your work. Another thing that will take your photography skill to the next level is by knowing exactly what you taking pictures of. What is in that scene that made you think to get pictures of it?  why did it move you? How it made you feel? and what was special about it? Most of all, whether it told some greater story. Photography contests will make you understand the difference between taking a picture and making a picture.

Picture contests are everywhere. You can try out this new tricks by joining in a picture contest and try your best to compose your own story by telling it in an image. This will improve your photography immensely and it won’t cost you a new piece of gear to do it.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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