Unique Composition Stunts

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Digital photography is a continuous process of developing your skills as an artist. These can be done by joining photo contests, reading photo competition forums, books and of course personal knowledge. Photo contests are held anywhere around the world where new ideas and styles are developed. In order to stay updated on what’s new and what’s not in photography, you have to broaden your research horizon and innovate ideas on your own.

Here are some more unique stunts for your digital portrait photography. Always keep in mind that, if your portrait photography is even just a bit different from all the rest of photos in a photo competition, Gratz! you’ve made a nice hub yourself and your style.

1.Candle Light – Soft, romantic candle light portrait photography can turn “Ho-Hum” subjects into luscious sirens of desire. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces for added fill light in shadowed areas and you can start to build a unique, sought-after style of portrait photography that will get your images noticed and sold. In picture contests, you can change the color of the flame (or use a colored filter) for added effect.

2.Use Face Paint – You can shoot portrait photography using face paint or at a minimum, heavy stage makeup to keep your subject’s color from being too “washed out”. This can also “spice up” some otherwise drab portrait photos. No, it doesn’t have to be Halloween or another holiday to try out this technique as a welcomed change from the more “typical” portrait photography that’s around. In photography contests, you need to expand your imagery beyond the mundane into more fertile fields to help you to “stand out from the herd” and get your portrait photography noticed.

3. Makeup or Costume – While you’re at it, why not just go “all the way” and try some portrait photography sessions using full make or a specialized costume? Promotional events of all types use costumed, made-up people to hawk everything from anti-abortion to zoological galas and a plethora of events and items in between. It’s quirky, it’s different, and it’s also fun, you can add these cool perspective as picture contests styles.

Trying out new ideas and concepts for your next photography contests will help you level up your photography skills. Self indulgence to photography may help at some point but don’t push yourself too far from your limit.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to www.thephotochallenge.com


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