Are you fit to be a professional photographer?

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Generally, all good photos are originated from the photographer’s level of imagination and inspiration. Most people joining photo contests have extraordinary imagination and since they can’t show others what they have in mind, they struggle to somehow reflect it all inside a photo. But though you have set up the lights, prepared your equipment and doing the post-production work and even if all you have to do is whip out your camera to take the picture, there’s no guarantee that the image on the screen will be as good as the vision in your head. Yet, if you just try harder and focus more, you might get the hang of it. Joining photo contests is a wise choice to practice your imagination. Given a specific subject or theme, you will be able to test yourself whether you’re really capable of coming up with a unique and awesome imagination of an image.

There are several signs that tell you whether you should become a professional photographer or not. The big difference comes down by taking picture that you like or you just happen to shoot a magnificent picture because that’s your job. Picture contests gives photographers the chance to know themselves very well. Whether they want to become an independent artist or photographer that joins every picture contest because they need to pay the bills. Going through these routines you will finally ask yourself whether you really do have the skills and the talent to produce images that people will buy. If so, you will be making a fortune by doing what you love to do in your spare time and there’s no better job than that.

If you really think you have the skills to become a professional photographer, here are some signs that will help you make your decision in the future.

1. People dig your pictures – Regularly selling pictures is a vital sign and the most thrilling especially when it is your first sale. Know how to handle customers if you’re really doing it, regular interest from buyers shows that you can produce images that is buyable  it also tell you that you know how to negotiate.

2. You easily get recommendation – Most professional photographers start their careers by joining and winning photo competitions. Other start off by shooting weddings, parties and other important occasions for friends and relatives. They usually get regular commissions as the word spreads, more requests come in and people starting to offer you money. If these things are happening you’re one step close to being a pro.

3. You have a special knack in the market – Being a professional photographer doesn’t generally mean taking good photos and winning photo competitions all the time. It’s also about finding buyers and bringing them in.

4. You’re inspired by others’ images – Sure, we all love looking at great photographs. When you’re a professional photographer, the work of other photographers isn’t just something to admire. It’s something to compete against and improve upon. If you’re accepting challenges laid upon you by other photographers both in photography contests and on market sales then that’s another good sign that you could make your living from photography just like them.

5. You have an edge on the technical side – Hobbyists experiment; professionals get paid to produce — and they do it against the clock. You will need have a good grip of the numbers and science behind photography if you want it to pay your bills. Also, experimenting new stunts and ideas for photography contests is an edge against competitors.

You need both knowledge and passion to survive in this kind of profession. Photography is no easy way to make a living especially when your just beginning. Less clients, less pay, more demands, what photographers have to do to work their way around these crisis is hard work and of course, the love of photography.

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