More Patients Going Abroad for Plastic Surgery

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Seeking medical care abroad is proven to be a beneficial experience for the majority of individuals from the United States and Canada. Affordable plastic surgery now invades the shores of Colombia, the country that made to the top list of foreign countries to deliver high quality and excellent elective medical procedures at rock bottom plastic surgery cost. The growth of plastic surgery in Colombia is being bolstered by cut price plastic surgery cost, private treatment, offered in combination with package holidays to exotic destinations within the country.

High plastic surgery cost and the difficulty of getting medical procedures with less waiting have made plastic surgery in Colombia a fast-growing alternative for U.S. patients. In fact, the number of patients that opt to travel abroad for treatment in 2007 have reached around 100,000, up from 70,000 in 2006, according to a survey conducted by the agency Treatment Abroad.

In terms of quality, the Colombian medical centers and facilities are state of the art. You can find some of the best and latest medical equipments housed in the country. Most orthopedic surgeries are performed with prosthetics approved by the United States FDA for hip and knee replacements. These prosthetics are made in the U.S. and cost  fraction of the cost in Colombia. Doctors and surgeons that practice affordable plastic surgery in Colombia are trained either in the United States or Britain. Compared to the United States the staffing and fixed costs are one fifth of what they are in the United States; including real estate costs associated with medical facilities.  These are the primary reasons why plastic surgery in Colombia is so much cheaper compared to its counterparts in the U.S. and Britain.

The country is frequently visited for treatments like complex organ transplant surgeries, advanced cardiovascular surgery, as well as the more common ophthalmology treatments and cosmetic surgeries. The quality of affordable plastic surgery offered in Colombia is exceptional and greatly contributes to promote life changing medical treatments at a fraction of a dollar.

To know more about plastic surgery in Colombia, please visit GoSculptura Colombia and get your free surgeon consultation and a free preview of how you will look like after the surgery. Gosculptura offers medical vacation packages and will take care of all your primary needs in Colombia.


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