Medical Tour to the Dominican Republic

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Plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, one of the most popular destination of North Americans to get away from healthcare costs that are way to expensive for citizens having average incomes. The Dominican Republic is renowned for its high quality and affordable plastic surgery that allured many tourist to visit the country. Its sandy beach and the tropical sun made the country more enticing for foreigners to spend a week or two in what they call “surgical holiday”.

Though the concept of medical tourism does not guarantee full safety, certain procedures should be carried out to eliminate risk factors that would add up to the success of affordable plastic surgery abroad. This is where medical tourism agencies play a vital part and also most patients lack to consider. Plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and other destination places have medical tourism agencies as affiliates. These agencies promotes clinics, hospitals and surgeons that can compete toe to toe with the U.S. healthcare. The medical facilities and equipments catered by medical tourism agencies are always top class, the surgeons are certified and these people will be responsible for your wellness as soon as you step in to the country of your choice. Medical tourism agencies are professional in terms of guiding patients to get affordable plastic surgery abroad. So by paying an additional fee, you secure your safety and the success of your medical trip.

In terms of plastic surgery cost, elective procedures in the Dominican Republic is  very cheap compared to its counterparts in the United States. JoAnn M. Roselli, during her initial consultation with a surgeon in Santo Domingo, asked how much would a tummy tuck and liposuction cost her. The answer – $2,400! On the other hand, a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan quoted her a price of $6,000.00 just for liposuction on both thigh and that was just the surgeon’s fee.  On top of that JoAnn would have to pay separate fees for the anesthesiologist, nursing staff, operating room fee, compression garments, 2-day hospital stay, and the inevitable $25.00 for each Tylenol they gave me for my pain.  That would mean a total of at least $9,000.00 on liposuction alone. Considering JoAnn’s example, plastic surgery cost in the Dominican Republic could cost 60-70 percent lesser than in the United States.

Medical tourists are more likely excited rather than nervous to what plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic has in store for them. A package at rock bottom plastic surgery cost and the chance to turn your recuperation into a vacation in paradise is a great way to get your money’s worth. Most patients tend to stay a little longer after recuperation to fully savor the country’s exotic vacation.

To know more about plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, please visit GoSculptura Dominican Republic and get your free surgeon consultation and a free preview of how you will look like after the surgery. Gosculptura offers medical vacation packages and will take care of all your primary needs in Dominican Republic.


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