Photography and Color Management

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Color management plays an important role in various photo contests. We may not be aware of how it can totally mess up a shot of a lifetime, but it can. In fact, one of the big challenges with printing digital photos is color management. Imagine yourself shooting a bunch of wonderful images for the photo contest you’re very excited to compete with. You drive home, upload the files to your pc, then print it using your new branded printer hoping to be caught in a trance by your printouts. And guess what? Your photos may not seem to make it on the preliminary judging of that photo competition.

Photo competitions is not only about how to handle the camera and basic shooting techniques. It also requires a good background of how to handle color management. First of all, you need to understand that your print isn’t going to be an exact match of what you see on your screen. To guide you more here are some color management tips to help  you get high quality photo print outs fit to win photography contests.

Display Tweaks – Sometimes the problem is the display of your computer monitor. Computers nowadays come with some sort of display or color management software. Some of the good stuffs are ColorVision Spyder2  and Color Profile Mechanic. Or try to download the free versions of these software before trying the premium ones to test them out.

Color Space – In photography contests forums, I read about the Adobe RGB – 1998 and the other one is the sRGB. These are the two major types of color space for image editing. My advice is to be consistent with the one you choose. sRBG cameras goes with the sRGB image processing program and same goes with the Adobe RGB. But most people from use the Adobe RGB for picture contests, since this program gives a wider range of colors.

Printer Driver and Paper Quality – Update your printer driver from time to time, if your printer has an auto update function then enable it. Also, when printing your photo, choose your printer properties and ensure that the correct photo quality and paper size have been selected.

And of course, the paper quality. Specify your printer the quality of paper you will be using. Papers and printers goes together in composing images for picture contests, the printer need the paper information so it can precisely apply ink without a waste.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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