Cheap Photography Tricks

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Digital cameras evolve.. each time I scan pages of digital photography magazines I see a new camera is out again. This time it has lots and lots of features, buttons and added software all focused to make photography much easier and exciting! I wonder how photo contests are judged today considering the advancement of digital cameras. I bet photo contests have also evolved in terms of composition, shooting style and also in terms of quality.

But how about if you can’t afford to buy the best of the best or the new radical toys for your hobby? How can you compete on photo competitions and win them if you’re up againts the new age of cameras? Well, there are some solutions to turn things your way. If you’re just starting your photographic journey you must know some tricks that produce awesome effects. This way even your $100 camera will produce crystal clear images and may somehow win photo competitions.

Steven Wagenheim discussed three cool tricks aimed to support the cheaper side of great photography. Let’s go over it one by one..

The lens with shades – Shooting under the sun is a no no and could possibly turn a great shot into a terrible piece of trash. In photography contests, photographers make use of polarizing filters to do the trick. Unfortunately, good filters cost around $160 and most starters still can’t afford that much just to keep the sun out of the frame to avoid ghosts or flares. The cheaper solution? A cheap pair of sunglasses and place them over the lens before taking a shot. You got yourself an improvised polarizing filter and the best part is, it really works!

Flashing camera Outdoor – Steven’s next trick is a bit weird but its worth a try. Sometimes fooling around with your camera lets you discover some more cooler stuffs that will help your win photography  contests in the future. Steven suggests that if you try to use the flash function of your camera will taking pictures outdoor, you will notice a different kind of shine to your photos. I guess you can do this by placing your subject out in the glaring sun or in the shade. Yep, it worth a try fellows. Who knows, this might be your trademark in the future. Flashing camera outdoor will be fun, I will try it if I have time.

Macro shooting in the backyard – In picture contests, macro shooting means shooting very close to the subject. Take photos of the world that you never what it was like. Take the point of view of an ant, start exploring, small things and shoot pictures of them. You will be surprise by how good these images will turn out. Like picture contests, macro shooting is very fun its like digging your way like an archaeologist.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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