Photography Tips to Start the Year

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Most of the striking portraits in the internet are always those which bends or totally disregard the rules. As what Darren Rowse of DPS describes it “often the most striking portraits are those that break all the rules”. I wonder how to pull this stunt in an actual photo contest and not only from anyone’s perspective. Photo contests preserve the rules of photography and the judges are very particular in picking the winner to be a patriot of rules.Anyways, I looked for my personal set of excellent tips, compiled and ranked them accordingly. Hopefully, these tips will help you out on taking magnificent photos and win photography contests. All the tips are intended to have a little uniqueness from the rules, not totally break them but just to get a whole new different aspect.

Rule of the Eye

Photo by monicutza80
The effect of the how the eyes of the subject is focused is incredible. I saw an entry from a previous photo competition that used a subject that is looking away from the lens. This way you can create a little sensation of intrigue and mystery added to the subject’s emotion. What made her cry? What made him laugh? What did the kid see right over there? This technique can stimulate the mind of the viewer and develop some kind of connection.
Innovated Lightings
Photo by diskomethod

Lightings is another factor that could trigger striking portraits. “Side-lighting can create mood, backlighting and silhouetting your subject to hide their features can be powerful.” – Darren Rowse. The slow synch flash and elements of randomness are two of the lighting techniques that could turn portraits into a winning photo competition entry.

Candid Shots

Photo by phitar

Shooting people while doing the things they love brings out the best of them. You will be surprised on how images will turn out if you shot candidly. Sometimes subjects don’t look good while at pose, shooting candidly gives you wider variety and gives your subject more ease. The randomness that candid shots have may create a good impression for photo competitions.

Zoom in a Shot In A  One Body Part

“Sometimes it’s what is left out of an image that says more than what is included”. This is true very true. In picture contests, focusing a shot in a certain body part plays the imagination of the viewer. This gives random thoughts and creates sensations to any that sees the portrait.

portrait-close up.jpg
Photo by Bukutgirl

Burst Mode

Switch your camera into burst mode and make rapid shots at a time. This is a great technique for subjects that are constantly changing or to someone who’s doing something that makes him move in quick successions. In picture contests, having a series of images rather than one static photo is unique and very amusing.

portrait-continuous shooting.jpg
Image by diyosa
To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to

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