Photo Contest Ideas: City Photography

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Travel and photography is a very good workout for artists who are frequently on the go. For those who have primay jobs aside photography and photo contests, make it a daily routine to bring your camera wherever you go.

If you can’t stay at home for some reason or if you really love to go to new places and take pictures of your journey, why not pack yout things for a long day of photo shoot in the city? The inner city life does provide interesting areas for every photography and they could be really fantastic subjects for photo contests. Experts call it as – Urban Landscape Photography.

Urban Landscape Photography (ULP) can be very compelling if you would be able to find the perfect photographic possibilities aroubd. What you will often encounter here are concrete, towering skyscrapers and graffiti covered decaying walls. If you’re going to use Urban Landscape Photography on photo competitions, the result will always be an abstract. Its not so pretty but its very unique.

For photo competitions, ULP may utilize a variety of lenses. So you better bring along at least two, one wide angle lens and a zoom with a fair bit of length to it. Lens with longer focal lenses works well when taking photos of street paintings, grafitti and old walls. While wide angle lenses are great for capturing the big picture for photography contests and they tend to give a bigger depth of field which can add interest and a nice feel to your shots.

Another advantage of ULP especially on big cities is the diversity of people you can find and the many great sites you can look around. These provide contrast for photography contests in two or three ways. Fist, the contrast of people around you, there personality, color, how they dress up, age etc. Second, the contrast in sites like architectural styles, building materials, colors etc. Lastly, you can mix the first two and you can actually come up with some very interesting shots.

If you want win picture contests using Urban Landscape Photography, you should also consider different kinds of portraiture. This part is tough since you will be dealing with people that you can either take them as a part of your shot or not. In ULP you can’t always avoid people to become the focal point of your potraits whether you like it or not. In picture contests, if you want to have less people on your photos you can either shoot at night or during weekends when there are not so many people walking around.

To see how John Warton, senior photo editor at Photo Laureates reviews photographs and meet, go to


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