Why tanaris?

I’ll sue you if this word doesn’t sound good in your ears 😀 Well actually, tanaris is one of the maps in Frozen Throne (Warcraft), a game I got addicted in since high school until now and caused me many F grades when I was in college and three break ups with my ex-girlfriends. So because this word has a bunch of many good and mostly bad experiences on me, it would be appropriate to make it as the title of my blog.

Blog Features

Tanaris is all about fun and entertainment, most of the categories are my favorites. Games, IQ tests, riddles, puzzles and I’ll think of some more else to help you guys unwind a bit, a pinch of soft porn will do hehe! Funny pics, jokes, weird and interesting things..

Videos, anime pics, DOTA hero reviews, online games, basically my stuffs..

That’s it for now, got to do the things I said.. ciao!


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4 Responses to “_Tanaris_”

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porn?? where are they? (searching… ) 😀

They are all over, you got to search the right place to find it 😀

couldn’t find it. . .where?where?where?


What was that great guitar intro song and how do I get a copy?

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